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Privacy Policy

LAZURITE INVESTMENT Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”), in order to properly protect the personal information of customers who use the service operated by our company, we are paying close attention to the handling. In order to have you use our service at ease, the following privacy policy has been established regarding the handling of the personal information. Customers who use our services are deemed to have agreed that your personal information will be handled in accordance with this privacy policy. Also, this privacy policy may be revised without prior notice to protect your personal information. The new policy will be applied after revision.

1.Management of personal information
The Company complies with the "Personal Information Protection Act", and will manage the personal information appropriately while personal information of the customer is collected.

2.Purpose of use
In order to provide services operated by the Company, the Company will use personal information such as your name, address, phone number, date of birth, e-mail address, etc., and information of the item you ordered for the following purposes.
If the Company is going to use the personal information for any other purpose, the Company will contact you on this site.
(1) To deliver services such as shipping products and notifying customers
(2) To respond to the content of inquiries from customers
(3) To send out various materials requested by customers
(4) To send out the winning products in the prize planning / campaign etc. which the Company carries out
(5) To analyze the answers received from customers, such as questionnaire plans, so as to be reflected in the service provided by the Company
(6) Information about new products / services and related after-sales service
(7) To contact customers as necessary, such as urgent confirmation of the content you entered
・Based on the personal information provided by customers, statistical data may be created and used for marketing and sales promotion and product planning in a format that cannot identify an individual.
・In order to achieve the purpose of (1), the Company may handle your personal information by e-mail.

3.About acquisition
While using this site, you may be asked to enter personal information. Personal information means information that can identify you, which includes such as your name, date of birth, gender, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. If you do not wish to provide personal information, you may, at your own discretion, refuse to provide personal information. In this case, please note that you may not be able to use all the service operated by the Company.

4.Inquiry / correction / deletion of personal information
Regarding inquiry / correction / deletion of personal information provided, please request by e-mail from the contact window indicated in “6. Inquiries regarding personal information”. In this case, the Company may ask you to submit information for identity verification. After confirming that the request is made by the customer, the Company will disclose, correct or delete your personal information within a reasonable period, to a reasonable extent. However, personal information provided will be stored for a certain period in order to respond to inquiries from customers. In principle, the Company will be responsible for the deletion after a certain period of time, so please note in advance that it may be excluded from the subject of this section.

5.Compliance with relevant laws and regulations and other norms
The Company will comply with laws and regulations and other relevant norms concerning the protection of personal information.

6.Inquiries regarding personal information 
The Company has set up the following windows for inquiries regarding personal information. 
Click here for inquiries regarding personal information protection